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Lolita Story III
Lolita Story III

Lolita Story III

The eve of the October Revolution, young Nabokov with his family began a life in exile, beginning from the Crimea, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States, until the terminus of Swiss Life, the aloof gloomy exiles, Everywhere No son of Russian rural life was filled with tragic mist. Whistle, wheels, platform, luggage shadowy in the fog, only broken memories, can illuminate more difficult bumpy bitter passion, only memories can bring him a moment of dizziness pleasure. Guest in the country, where the crowd, customs, and all life, he instinctively kept cold distance. As the illegitimate son of an unidentified, was abandoned homeland, abandoned by the world, in order to restore the dignity of the soul, will be more thorough and more stubborn skepticism to this same doubt looked forward to his world. No way back, there is no direction to lead the pace, at a loss, fatigue, a man alone, walking in the fog, everything is unfamiliar. Without faith, it is not a bad thing, because Nabokov found that those who vowed, eventually to the kneeling posture from faith slid down the slope, at the moment, exiles still on the road. Life in exile is dramatic, loungers, squander time, distress, panic, like a mighty being expelled lions, must be desperate struggle for survival. Nabokov seems to exist only in a relationship – personal and the world, against the force come from? That is the desire, passion, and even their own wisdom is negligible, by virtue of wanton mockery of this man of God may be isomorphic rational world. Nabokov in his memoir “Speak, Memory” Lane said: “I only have to get all the space and all the time to join my emotions, to my earthly love, in order to remove it mundane boundaries, in order to help me fight a limited presence in order to develop feelings and thoughts from the infinite world, a fully degenerate, ridiculous and fear. “contributed to the writing of this visibility is premeditated encounter, Lolita is not from out of the small fairies, but from the original homeland of the memory of the initial experience of Nabokov’s daughter hatched, is their own little secret, is claustrophobic inner strange castle. Since from the mother of the day, keep away from the flesh, the soul is in constant returns confrontation implies symmetry, symmetry implies a balance in this other, exotic, rare and transient desires journey, caused a huge reading warm, frank and detailed Nabokov tells us that his book is written for each independent free spirit exiles.

Enter text to open space, just like the world in our hearts, like the open space, memory disorder, derivative plot, time, diffuse, solitary decision in a closed state slowly silently happened. Kundera said: “Modern Art individualism is achieved in the arts themselves, recognized himself, to find his own performance, his glory, his monument.” Fiction is an increasingly complex social cooperation in popular culture has become increasingly prosperous contemporary life, shelter trance individuals. Forces under guard in speech, everyone, opened the book, you can quietly and his “Lolita” ll stay.

Of course, just questioning, defense and comfort is not enough, such things can be left like Nietzsche, Sartre, Foucault as modern thinkers do. As a stylist Nabokov, but also sparked a riot style. “Lolita” in a very very crushed our reading habits, which is novel and do we not find more events, more characters, and the story of ups and downs, all did not. Readability is one kind of pleasure reading anxious state replaced, then what to write, what we can read it like a conspiracy to hide the crisis of character in the narrative of the crisis. Must have patience in this regard, and as much as Nabokov French writer Marcel? Proust, they are like a good detective, did not miss any clues, Proust was recorded aristocratic life ledger, Nabokov is a record of mental activity ledger. But we know Proust like a double agent, he was shuttling back and forth between reality and the spiritual, busy stealing intelligence, living in high society, dance, theater greeting sent, he talked about the positive Is despise him, and he will inevitably suffer from neurasthenia, insomnia, difficulty breathing Asthma kick disease. In parasitic parallelism sentence long, complex sentences and grammar, we read Proust’s tired, his task too heavy, he is committed to showing people’s outer life and the inner life of the whole secret. In Nabokov here, there are two separate lives, not extrinsic and intrinsic, but “my” and others, especially in high society archives Nabokov’s sensibility, ridiculous, funny, stupid The sad part of the capacity is minimal, his interest is not here. We found that those and motels as flexible as simple sentences, but also the desire to journey accomplice, rushes forward with a certain speed. A report on the analysis of their spiritual, personal diaries, court depositions, travel notes, love letters, notes, etc. hybridity one and one without borders and open style, Nabokov cruelly abandoned his readers, his heart only Lolita, his little sweetheart, but we fell in love with Nabokov, this is classic, authors, readers love relationship between the hopeless. We fell in love with a very bad narrator, childlike transparency, confusion and stubborn language, telling their own stories, where the spiral stays, where the fly, are elusive. An accident linked to another accident, excitement and sadness, indulge and despair go hand in hand, we will never know what the broken sentences, words lead us enlivened mountain or cliff, but we still sympathetic, stumbled forward walk. When Proust’s hero is still questionable for the lover in his pocket short sign and worried when Nabokov’s hero has filled into the barrel of his eight bullets, he accurately hit the rival ears, “Flaring a group grand purple”, a surreal picture that Nabokov also suffering from a kick than whooping serious diseases. One kind words mania disorder that afflicts as Lolita possessed writer, as well as a writer possessed of readers. Not so much leisure time Qusi before thought after being the heart of the storm, the storm Xieguo language, intensive vocabulary blowing, Jun engraved our reading facial expressions. What is the form, what is the content of Nabokov from without considering this issue in his works, they have been flesh and blood. If you do not theoretical distinction, which is undoubtedly a classic murder.

Lolita Story (II)
Lolita Story II

Lolita Story II   Narrative logic of classical linear causal chain expanded, such as Werther’s suicide, because he fell in love with a friend’s fiancee, he was unable to balance and resolve the moral conflict, he died moral trap. The modern novel narrative logic into a network, various forces are evenly matched, contend with one another stalemate. We cut off the ropes of morality, but unfortunately fell into the trap of nihilism, like the fate of the persistent danger, is doomed doomed. In this way, Nabokov with his superior full of talent, like a reclusive wizard in the Black Forest, with a raving, dreams and hallucinations woven nets, to capture his Lolita. This is a lengthy confession An unpardonable sin, the jury of the ladies, yes, the “I” shot and killed the villain, he was mercilessly abandoned my little Luo, brought her pain, “I” is in revenge for her, “I” guilty do, yes, the “I” of course guilty, an adult man’s object of desire should not be an ignorant girl, can the “I” did not rape her, “I am.” just lying on the outer edge of her warm, listen to her breathing frequency, the “I” can do “I” is the expected delay indefinitely, so that the delay in that moment forever. Small Los suddenly woke up, she suggested that she had played in a summer camp games …… In fact, this is more like a lengthy pleadings, erotic object has the statutory age range do, it is not so much a habitual sin, as it is a unique natural instinct, but also unique only in that the digital age, Nabokov set metaphors, age problem is the moral issue, whoever beyond customary cordon, those who deviate from the crowd, who is shameless dirty, poor Humbert fell into the trap numbers. If we help him put this throw away this trap, if we do not know the specific Luo age, she is still bright, delicate, clear, like yelling, a strange, childish rough, a burning Little Baby, lure, fleeing, in compliance, in revolt, suddenly away suddenly near, enigmatic be refined, subtle Nabokov, Nabokov’s Lolita, in the depths of desire surging undercurrent, concealed In the hearts of every man, is it not the sole, absolute, indelible Lolita do, oh, men’s Lolita, as the classic Lolita,  she is so unique, it is so common.

However, Humbert still dirty shameless, cynical still evil, he should desire Phantom caught out from the heart, let her figurative, he wants to walk with her, has been brought down, which is determined by the Nabokov The. An honest freedom of writing, is to refuse to overripe life narrative, turning everyday morality far behind, even if it will, like ghosts to catch up to, sneak text of the jungle. Existence precedes essence, writing prior to specification.

This is precisely the problem of Nabokov, a digital ethics, as if Church? Juan had firmly put ethics into action figures, his love reflected the cumulative figures, he is also kept walking, from this Woman to woman, his life is to be exhaustive love unlimited possibilities. Obsession and adventure, very soberly consciously bear all the joy, sin and punishment, now Church? Juan addition of a new ally – Humbert, any experienced love, all threw, but outrightly pure. They did Zuigaiwansi, Humbert admits that he is a villain, but he also denied that his situation, not what people imagine, is the devil’s hell submarine patrol, but belongs to the poet’s spiritual heritage. In the nothingness of God and the life of this impulse in between, they are firmly take refuge in the latter, but this does not represent a non-namely, the ratio of one yuan choice. Heidegger believes that “God is dead”, simply means that the old God is dead, God’s throne is still available. Throne is empty, new developments have not replaced it so simple to use B instead of A, then B A is likely to suffer the same fate, nihilist most urgent for “revaluation” set a new principle, the new starting point and the conduct of land, this is what we have to look for “the most living things.” That was God, that super-sensual world, for the Church? Juan, it is a bleak emptiness of the sky, and God in silence, in a silence among the people who feel this blasphemy of God’s suffering. And the Church? Juan compared Humbert is not a passionate fighter, even though he has the ability to act more powerful modern man, he is a much more mature and more wonderful euphemism seducer in his possession, poetic temperament than revolution temperament. He endlessly indulge in fantasy, the girl’s face and legs, face, freckles, dimples, a ubiquitous elf, elves contaminated atmosphere wardrobe, room, stairs, any of those things, he can bring happiness intoxication and trembling. He used thin hairy honey rich sensory nerve, creating a small universe like perceptual world, this is Humbert’s “conduct of land”, in this, literary thinking will never walk in front of a philosophical reflection. That morning, a small Luo and her mother went out, but still has her stairs rumbling footsteps left in the lip marks on the plate, the air’s sharp laugh, a small Los leave, can be as small Luo also appeared, in another form in front of Humbert, in this sensual little universe, time can be round, space can be reconstructed. Of course, does not mean utopian fantasy, Humbert is a positive actors, is the emotional behavior and figurative world two support points, this is both elegant and gloomy, but also timid petty gentleman from the European continent, to think and to do both Its deployment was the perfect hue. All the same human body and soul, why the former has always had absolute priority and the supremacy of consciousness of innocence, and sex on guilt, sexual violence, this strange dichotomy, when we can settle. Nabokov presents this problem, this obstacle, but his characters are not so out of the crisis.

Humbert’s freedom would like to extend you the same way?

Too weak to Humbert, driving a car, the car filled with sweetheart, devouring one another a highway outside the car world constantly passing, and constantly coming. He was sober, very acutely aware Lolita grow day by day. With his small Los crisis grows height and weight, this hopeless evil journey is his choice of heaven, though heaven hellish black flames burning, in addition, are the extreme fear and let him carefully guard against enemies. A stand-alone love, the existence of a separate and secluded, away from the crowd, no one can understand such whispered softly, chatter. Humbert’s paradise is a lonely dark room, looked out from the world is absurd, ridiculous, stupid, dark room destruction is time-sensitive, and that the destruction of the world but it is a historic . Desire journey does not end, the individual’s spiritual event coming up, individual and group confrontation has only just begun, Lolita from Humbert took the road that moment on, it extends more writers in the deeper account of the, in Milan? Kundera, Margaret? Duras, and Wang Xiaobo there, questioning, the defense, the trial, soothe continues. But Nabokov is still a special case, he is more than one side of the prism, from all angles, reflected the strange light. No full access to read before we say these normal deformity he wrote a love affair, that is no longer the young man in the hunt for a very young girl, the girl is in a transitional period of teenage girls, the man strange hobby, from youth to middle age, the age does not change the original intention known. Nabokov once said that the novel is the relationship between the characters and the world of the relationship, then the relationship between Humbert and small girls what the author implies worldview. Reading this point, we superficial mentality about deformity becomes suspicious love of novelty, in the end who is sick, this is a problem. The classic original face is sick, it’s innovation makes us feel uncomfortable and even some disgust, it is beyond the ordinary range of perception and experience, both curious and exclusion, and proximity to refuse, the virus spread, the text and the reader so forming a relationship between infection and infected, we began a fascination with Humbert’s death march. No one can be like Nabokov as the desire of the flesh and the meridians amplification was so striking clarity and precision, but also enriched the connotation of desire. Scenarios in the transformation, is changing the face of desire, passion, is a fantasy, is sex (rarely), sexual awareness, despair, is looking forward to, is the memory is elegy, it is love confession, is jealous, heaven, hell, extreme selfishness, extreme ecstasy …… desire therefore possess the structural features of the text that has been buried deep inside the pale ashes were instigated, by Lolita’s face, legs, body, movement sound confused with, alone in the dark reading mixed, our true “Lolita,” Where? Intensification of contradictions, the journey continues, a never-ending exile, perhaps only Nabokov deeply understand the taste of exile.

Lolita Story (1)
Lolita Story

Lolita Story         When we desire in the past time, day and night, now moved back and forth, Nabokov has brought his “Lolita” hit the road. Nabokov Lolita, the men of Lolita, the image of Lolita as desire, can be infinitely close, but never owned by Lolita, the angel, the little witch, this allows Eros surrender hostess, has been wandering, wandering in the United States forty years rich earth, wandering in the twentieth Century literature classic mystery promenade. This is Nabokov in two hundred and forty thousand words are paved the desire journey, shy, awkward, pain, evil difficult journey, in a very hesitant, prose, started slowly daily narration. From any perspective, this is a kind of difficult to imitate life, but it gives us a strong awareness of the resonance shows, it is a model of freedom, one example of humanism, it is still very strange disease, unusual disease, it violates our too normal life, as well as too mature novel style, here, desire and conspiracy as truth is incontrovertible, or truth itself is the desire and conspiracy.

In 1955, “Lolita” by the French Olympia publishing, book side of the city, immediately caused a great disturbance, and was suppressed by the French authorities. The focus of controversy on sex and incest, a Russian aristocrat’s descendant, a graduate of University of Cambridge’s poet, a history of the European literature professor, wrote a book about his stepfather and stepdaughter sex stories, let all decent decent society feel ashamed and uneasy. Well, from the theme, the noble poet Professor novels, composition, attention does contain sex and incest, is just the composition, as water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but we will never put the water equivalent of oxygen or hydrogen, with critics say, this is the great works of and “Ulysses” comparable to, more and more people and “Lolita” meet, more and more people get a thrill and choking reading.

Is still desire, the protagonist Henbert professor of mental focus, stubborn past hope quirks, that is the maiden complex. A in a dormant volcano, as long as it is clear, tender, most of the young life, or warm the body light and shadow, driven by the rose approach, there are lava in the bentu, volcano ash flying, this is a man who, from the youth young to middle-aged, the interpretation of poetic soul, resist the habit, hypocrisy, the only reason of indifference, only argument. Has never changed, his secret, his faith. The philosopher Soren? Kerr Kay Gol said, how beliefs, how to live, so Henbert, with his Lolita on the road, from hotel to hotel, a city to another city, walking endlessly, attempted to take forcible possession of small girl. His belief in the truth, his evil desires, all his lost all fear, all comes down to one thing, Lolita is only twelve years old, and Henbert forty years old, she is the name of the daughter, and he is the name of the father, she is the primary objects like pure fairy, he is from hell the stench of the devil. As a father, Henbert opened a new life for Luo, he left Los into school, Los with classmates and friends, Luo began to have their own love, as a lover, a new life in Los Henbert interference destroyed, all near Los boy, have become his imaginary enemy. The father, the lover, the incest, narrative tension is not sufficient to constitute a great works, only these factors to some magic form, time consciousness behavior control and division of a man, only the external ethical conflict evolution as the time, the inherent spirit and let the storm, the living man is willing to bear the storm raging, when consciously infinitely close to the edge of death, narrative tension of novel just sublimation is incomparable artistic charm.

Gothic and Lolita clothing, Gothic Victorian Dresses
Red Plaid Long Sleeves Noble Victorian Dress

Gothic and Lolita clothing are a maiden’s armor, which even a knight’s armor cannot compare to. A maiden’s lace is her steel. Her ribbons are chains. Her dress hat is her helmet, and she surreptitiously changes the blood that flows from her wounds into true rose petals. Thus, the maiden fights. After all, to live is to fight, and to become beautiful is to become stronger.”
- from “Oh Maiden, Advance with a Sword and a Rose”

As lolita becomes a fashion today Gothic Victorian Dresses begin to play an important role in the lolita market. Gothic Victorian Dress is a special style combine the mystery of gothic lolita dress and the vintage feeling of Victorian Dresses. It’s the latest trend, if you are a fan of
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What is Gothic Lolita Dress?
Black And White Bow Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress

        Gothic Lolita is also called Gothic Lolita (Gothic Lolita), originated from Europe in the Gothic subculture, by the Japanese after absorption, become a completely different and the Gothic art style. Mainly refers to the style of art, including dress, music, literature, painting and other art works. This mainly refers to the kind of clothing. Officially called ゴシック・アンド・ロリータ (Gothic And Lolita) , GothLoli( ゴスロリ), namely Gedeluoli.


Style origin

This style is a combination of a variety of different image and become, in addition to the girl type literal innocence with Gothic wind grey decadent, also set in nineteenth Century of the Roman doctrine, doctrine of metaphysics, mysticism, supernaturalism, odd, curious, fun, French century thought, slash doctrine, classical decadent principle and so on to.

Clothing characteristics

The ancestor of the Gothic Lolita, proposed by Mana Sana Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL) and Elegant

(EGA):EGL is the elegant Gothic, set of angels and Demons feeling in a body, the design is more gorgeous than Gothic Lolita; EGA is a neutral dress of Gothic garment, as aristocratic noble feeling.

Here are some pictures of some of the Gothic Lolita Dresses:

Black And White Bow Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress       Dark Red and White Long Sleeves Sash Bow Cotton Lolita Dress     Dark Red and White Long Sleeves Sash Bow Cotton Lolita Dress     Dark Red and White Long Sleeves Sash Bow Cotton Lolita Dress  Dark Red and White Long Sleeves Sash Bow Cotton Lolita Dress new Black Multilayer Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress Red And Black Cotton Multilayer Lolita Dress Distinct Top Seller Black Gothic Lolita Dress

what is a lolita dress ?
what is a lolita dress

what is a lolita dress ? What is Lolita Fashion?

Hello my Lovely Lolita Enthusiasts (If your not, then you will be by the time I’m through! )

The term “Lolita” may be off-putting to those who first hear about the fashion because of the connotation it holds from Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, “Lolita”, which changed the meaning of the name for most people in the Western world. It is generally assumed though that the name of the fashion comes from a distortion of the meaning while word-borrowing from English. In the case of the fashion the term “Lolita” only refers to the child-like nature of some of the clothes and is also used because of the beauty or cuteness of the name. Lolita Fashion is emphatically not about looking sexy and is instead about looking cute or elegant.

Lolita comes in several different types, but the most common styles are Punk Lolita, Goth Lolita, Sweet Lolita and Classic Lolita All of which have ribbons and frills, but they different in colors and styles.

~Lolita fashion is a style of dress orginated in Japan. Although “Lolita” is a reference to Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel, and Lolita is often worn by teens, most adherents present themselves as Victorian children or baby dolls and prefer to look “cute” rather than “sexy”.

Japanese culture places a higher value upon extremely youthful appearance and behavior than Western, and some adult women buy large amounts of products, such as Hello Kitty goods, that are typically marketed only to children in the West. Lolita fashion is perhaps a more visible extension of this phenomenon.

In general, Lolita fashion tends to imitate Victorian-style girl’s clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. Skirts are knee length and may have a crinoline or petticoat to add volume. As in mainstream Japanese fashion, over-knee socks or stockings are extremely popular. Black fishnet stockings and white or black tights are also common. Shoes or boots with high heels – though not usually stiletto heels – such as Mary Janes, complete the look. Frilly, ruffled or lace-trimmed Victorian blouses are also popular especially with “Gothic Lolita” types, who may also favour long skirts and jackets rather than overtly “childish” designs. Apart from the occasional shortness of skirts, designs are usually modest, sometimes with long lace-capped sleeves. Lace headdress and bracelets are usually worn.~

Gothic Lolita:
Gothic Lolita or “GothLoli” (ゴスロリ, gosurori; sometimes alternatively “Loli-Goth”) is a youth fashion among Japanese teenagers and young women. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl’s clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. Gothloli’s name and origin is a combination of lolita fashion—appearing deliberately cute to the point of looking childish—and certain styles found within gothic fashion.

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Punk Lolita:
Gothic Punk has a rock-inspired look. It usually features tartans, stripes, chains, piercings, and an overall more industrial look. Lolita punk is similar, but with a lolita twist. Lolita punk keeps the lolita bell skirt, but is less feminine and keep the elements of punk.

Black Cotton Gothic Punk Lolita DressesElegant Pure Black Long Sleeves Gothic Lolita Dress











Sweet Lolita:
They have lots of lace and ribbons, usually light-colored (although there are black/white sweet lolita), attempting to look as cute and little-girlish as possible. End results typically exudes a doll like appearance.

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Classic Lolita:
They are more traditional, look more like the Victorian fashion, light-coloured, also more mature-looking. Traditional Maid-style clothing and Alice in Wonderland-style apron may be classified into this genre.

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Lolita Fashion For Kids
Kids' Lolita Dresses

Talking about the Lolita Fashion , most people would think it’s something for female.The truth is ,with decades of developement, there are various su-styles for Lolita ,and there is one style called Kids,which is suitable for Kids who love Lolita too.

Below are some of the Kids Lolita Dresses Images …

1 2 3 4 5 6


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